K.I.S.S. – “Keep it Simple & Slow”             




This is and always has been my philosophy in training and fostering strong, connected relationships with our horse partners.  Although there is no one training method that works for all horses, I have found that moving slowly and offering simple and concise communication guarantees success, time and time again.

In today’s world, we are encouraged to accomplish more work in less time. In contrast, properly training your horse is something that takes time, dedication and perseverance.  With horses, less is more and slower is always faster.

Like children, horses require consistency, patience, repetition and the freedom to make mistakes. On the ground or in the saddle, horses need reliable guidance and leadership.  Naturally, when in a herd, there is always an Alpha horse that leads. In domestication, we take on this necessary role for our horses. Being your horse’s leader or Alpha should never be confused with domination of your horse. Instead, think of it as a kind, gentle and firm leadership where boundaries are set and expectations are consistent.

I am a firm believer that horses are very rarely ever wrong.  In my experience, any conflicts stem directly from improper communication with our horse partners.  It is important to be aware of and observe their communication with you and your communication with them. If there is conflict, stand back, be aware and together the two of you will find the rhythm to achieve your goals.



Jody Swink